What is UIPath cloud URL?

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This morning while I am observing the community posts, I accidentally found out one guy from china posting this url https://cloud.uipath.com/.

I found out that the cloud portal can have 2 attended and 1 unattended bot for free for one year and I would like to explore what is that portal and how to use it.

So far I cannot find any guide in website.

Btw , I am currently enterprise user and just want to know if that cloud can benefit to my company.

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@loginerror hi loginerror, can I get your attention and appreciate ur assistance .

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Hi @Alvin

I’ve watch this - YouTube and it explain more about it. :wink:

hi @amnuay i understand now , many thanks :smile:


It’s pretty cool.

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I would like more information about uipath cloud. My company has some questions. For example: is there any orchestrator license cost? or the cost is just for robot licenses?

Hi , my coy recently bought orchestrator , it has cost and cost alot more than robot licenses . …

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@Alvin , thank you for answer. I know the enterprise orchestrator license has a cost. Our company use one on premise server. We have doubts about Cloud UiPath (cloud.uipath.com) , because on this new service, you can manage your enterprise robot licenses, but we are not really sure if orchestrator license is needed as not-cloud one.

So far I see this cloud service is as same as orchestrator community edition.

Cloud can create multiple tenants under same orchestrator and that’s all.

There is services tab in cloud portal and it is linked to CE orchestrator.

May be in future , they may announce cloud license subscriptions since cloud portal is already able to manage multiple bots and licenses .

But for the organization like my coy, will still choose Enterprise orchestrator in own premise.


Would be great if this service (UiPath Cloud) could be used at enterprise level, some non-tech companies don’t want or can’t deal with on premise orchestrator updates and a server maintenances.


More info is coming guys, please stay patient :slight_smile:


Thank you for answer, really important for us and our RPA roadmap


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