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I’ve had a look through old topics and can’t find anything regarding this, so apologies if I’ve missed it but I have tried to check!

So my question is - how on Earth do you connect a Robot to the Community Cloud? The video shows search for it on your computer, however there’s nowhere to download it? The only thing I can find is a download on Microsoft Azure. I didn’t go through with this option though as you had to fill in about 5 pages of information, and the last page was about payment which doesn’t seem to match the free UiPath ethos?

Can anyone advise please?

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hi @HorribleUsername
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Search this or google “” or you can click this will redirect into the relevant site.

give your login credentials (dont worry its totally free and never ask your payment methods)
just login.

yes… now you will have your own Uipath Cloud Platform (community edition)
you can download the studio also as free from going in to “Resource Center” that i have highlighted in yellow colour

Hi @Maneesha_de_silva

Thanks for this :slight_smile: I went on to Resource Center and have this:


I have downloaded the Community Edition so not sure why it’s coming up to download it…

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yes , community edition is free , this is the studio for the development and you develop and deploy into your cloud platform

Enjoy your self :sunglasses: :rocket:

Hi @Maneesha_de_silva

The thing I don’t understand is how to deploy? The video that shows how to connect the Robot to the Orchestrator show the person searching for “robot” as a programme on their computer, but I haven’t downloaded any Robots for this to happen?


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@HorribleUsername ,
after installing studio you can see the Robot Application already installed ,
Search " Uipath Robot" on your PC

Hi @Maneesha_de_silva

Ahh ok, I’ve downloaded the Community Edition, but I’d have to download the Studio version to have the Robot?

I’m using a company laptop so would need extra Admin permissions to download Studio (which they probably wouldn’t allow), so haven’t been able to download this and probably won’t :frowning:



So confused by this!

I think Robot in the lastest versions of Community Editios is called Uipath Assistant, if you type Uipath you´ll see and it is like robot, or this is what I think.

Hope this helps…