UiPath Enterprise On Premise Orchestrator

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I understand from the post by @ovi that the UiPath Enterprise Orchestrator comes in 3 flavours:

a. Orchestrator Basic
b. Orchestrator Standard
c. Orchestrator Non-Production

While I was able to easily find details on both Orchestrator Basic & Orchestrator Standard, I did not have much luck on Orchestrator Non-Production. For instance:

Orchestrator Basic - Basic version is limited to 5 attended and 5 unattended robots. This also does not have multi-tenancy

Orchestrator Standard - Includes multi-tenancy and there is no limit for the number of robots we can provision.

Orchestrator Non-Production - ???

Would appreciate if anyone could share with me the specs of Orchestrator Non-Production so that I can know how it fares alongside the others. It would be nice if you can share whats the approximate pricing for it so that I can get a rough sense of its price.

Thanks in advance!

Jack, @Abdul_Samad

Hi @robot_learner

You can find the commercial offering at licensing.uipath.com - Commercial Licensing section

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Hi @ovi,

Thanks for the reply, greatly appreciated.

Just to clarify, for UiPath-Orchestrator-NonProduction, does it allow multi-tenancy? Also, does it have a cap on the maximum studio / robot licenses we can enrol to it? Sorry the document did not explicitly mention these details.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: