Orchestrator Types? Standard vs Basic Orchestrator?

Hi folks!

I am searching for Orchestrator Types, but all I got is just rumors, some unofficial comments.

My question is, “Are there any Orchestrator types? If yes what is the difference and where is documentation?”


Hi @atehaa
please refer to below links



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Hello @atehaa

In addition to the info given in the link provided by @ArunVelaayudhanG, I would like to mention the below points.

There are three orchestrator types…

  1. Community
  2. Basic
  3. Standard

Community - it’s a free version where everyone can use… limited to two attended bots and 1 unattended bot. Does not have multi tenancy, but most of the other features are available to use…

Basic - Basic version is limited to 5 attended and 5 unattended robots. This also does not have multi tenancy

Standard - Includes multi tenancy and there is no limit for the number of robots we can provision.

These are some of the main differences in these three… However, we can also find a on prem and a cloud version of this as well. Those info can be found in the link provided by @ArunVelaayudhanG


@Lahiru.Fernando and @ArunVelaayudhanG thank you for replies, also sorry for late response.

I was looking for information like @Lahiru.Fernando gave. But guys, I still couldn’t find anything on this link. Could you give a specific link. (UiPath Orchestrator)


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Hey @atehaa

I haven’t come across a document on these stuff. But I will try to find out…

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@loginerror Hi Maciej,

Maybe you have an answer :slight_smile: ?


Hi @atehaa

There reason you cannot find this in the Orchestrator documentation is because this is not technical related information. Lahiru’s answer has correct info, but i would like to add some clarifications.

Orchestrator (or other product) type is a general term. There is only one Orchestrator, but the “flavors” (features or limitations) are given by subscriptions and commercial model. For Orchestrator in particular, we have Community (cloud only), Trial, Enterprise subscriptions. The Enterprise subscription has for example the following commercial models: Basic, Standard, Non Production. Based on customer needs and agreements with our sales and pre-sales teams, you can choose whichever of these fits you better. The commercial models may change: for example, if not many customers buy the Basic one, UiPath may choose to remove this from our offering in the next year, but this doesn’t affect Orchestrator’s functionality, and this is why we don’t have this info in the technical documentation.

Where can you find this info? Reach out to your UiPath contact or to our sales team (contact form on the website).


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