UiPath enable extension error

I have tried all possible solutions given by UiPath help still it is showing this error.
I’m trying to use the Web Recording feature when this error is shown. Can anyone help me with this ??


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Have you restarted the browser after extension installed ?


May i know your chrome and uipath version.

And also please check this thread.

Buddy @Juni2799
It looks like though you have installed the chrome extension it is not yet enabled
kindly enable the uipath extension in chrome extension settings like here
image and
close the browser and uipath studio
restart the system and try again @Juni2799

and kindly try with Internet Explorer instead of chrome…that would work for sure
Cheers @Juni2799

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Hi @Juni2799,

You must install chrome extension before interact with chrome.

Go to Setup tab in UiPath studio and then navigate to extensions then click chrome extension. It will take you to the chrome extension download page. Download UiPath extension and Restart the chrome.

Now you can able to interact with Chrome.

Michael Udhaya

Yes, I even reinstalled it and did the same but still this error is shown.

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Chrome is the lastest version and UiPath version is Community Edition 2019.5.0

Yeah, using internet explorer didn’t give any errors and worked fine.
Thanks for your help😊

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Fantastic buddy @Juni2799
Kindly make a solution with the comment that could help others as well