UiPath Extension issue in Google Chrome

I am getting an issue “Please Enable Extension” although extension is already enabled.
Below are the details for UiPath and chrome version-
Google Chrome version- Version 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)
UiPath version- 2019.4.4
UiPath Extension- UiPath Web Automation 9.0.6821

Please let me know what I need to do to resolve this error.
ThanksUiPathExtension ExtensionIssue

Hi @Shivi,

Kindly remove the extension and try to add newly.

If in your system there is antivirus then first disable the antivirus…
then add the extention from uipath …
then restart the chrome…

I tried this several times but still getting same issue.


Try to install through command prompt

Find the SetupExtensions.exe from your UiPath folder

and type commands as below

Try both for more documentation, you can check as below

Mark as solution if this helps


I tried all the steps, still issue is not resolved.

Can you restart your system and try again

I tried this also but issue not resolved.

Hi @Shivi,
Could you please try to access this link and install it.

I already tried this but same issue is occurring.

Hi @Shivi,

I have recently had some issues with my Chrome extension. I believe it was casued by me downloading an old extension. Try uninstalling your current Chrome Extension, and installing from this link:

If this doesn’t work, try reinstalling your UiPath studio and try again, or raise a ticket with UiPath support.

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