Lesson 7 practice 2 Citrix Recording Problem with Click image


In Lesson 7 Practice 2 you are given a small app to try and click into using the Citrix Recoding wizard.

The first click text works OK

Then for employee number you use a click image to highlight the Employee number text and then set the focus to the text box where you enter the employee number.

If I do that bit in a new separate sequence it works OK but I can’t get it to work as part of the sequence after the click text part for the email.

I get an error message


Attached is my code

Less7 P2.xaml (28.2 KB)

the test app supplied for the lesson can’t be uploaded my me as it’s an exe
but basically its the ExpenseIt application Lesson 7 Practice 2 resource

Just so you know as I haven’t found any solutions in the message forums.

I got this bit to work by replicating the image click in a different workflow (new tab) and copying it into my sequence. What got it to work is that I included the Attach window activity (even though in my previous sequence I had already attached for the click text. For some reason it seems that the click image needed to have it’s own attachment.

Attached is my code with the working click image immediately followed in the code by the not working click image (because it doesn’t have it’s own attach window). If you run it you will see the working version enter 999 into the employee number field and then the code crashes when it tries to do the click image without the extra attach window.

I hope this helps anyone that was having issues with this but it seems like a bug to me (why if you have already attached to a window would you need to do it again for click image?)

Less7 P2_MyVerClickImageFix.xaml (35.3 KB)