Lesson 7 - no "click image"/"click text" on Citrix recording


I’m doing the Foundation Training, and at the lesson 7 I have trouble with the walkthrough. I have the “Citrix Native” on the recording wizard but there not such “click image” option as presented in the tutorial.

Is there something that I’m missing? Or there is an update and there are not those options anymore?

Thanks for your answer!

Buddy this is from 2018.3.0 version of enterprise edition


Are you asking about this buddy


Yes but I have the trial version. May it be the reason? That’s how it looks on my side


Buddy you can check with text option click that down arrow and mouse option there you can see the click text and with image down arrow as well @jfinet
like this

if not we can get from activity panel in studio as well

Try to get from there buddy


Hey @jfinet

you can use Image Recording instead of Native Citrix Recording.

Please find below link which will give idea about Native Citrix Recording. In Native citrix Automation you will get Selectors.


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were you able to find that buddy @jfinet under text option in native citrix recording wizard


Thank you guys, it works in the both ways you were explaining me! It seems that the tutorial is not 100% up to date then. Do you know if there is a difference between the two solutions? I can have the same results.

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Buddy @jfinet this could help you to get the answer for your query

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