UiPath Data Extraction Stops after Page 11


I am stuck in data extraction. Data Extractions stops after Page 11 in my flow. I have checked all the options like maxitems etc. Also set it to 0 for unlimited entries… Please suggest a solution ?

@naveed.zafariqbal how many pages left and are you using Extraction for all pages?

You could separate the pages and extract them one at a time

Bro Total pages are around 29 and it stops after Page no. 11.

I will give a try surely…

Define stops. Are you getting an error message?

If it’s just stopping as if it thinks there are no more pages, then it’s probably an issue with the selector for the “next” button.

At start it was not going to next page later after fine tuning it was able to move then suddenly stops after 11. Yes it doesn’t give any error bot thinks no pages are left after this…


Could you verify the next link selector between 11 & 12 page if thats changing.

Also, is it always stopping on Page 11, can you also include delay between pages to see if some pages are taking time to load after clicking next.

This is the website www.daraz.pk …I am searching rado hyperchrome in search bar. It gives around 29 pages. I have to extract all products. One way I am think we using number of pages, get text from num of pages and then use that variable to extract all pages using a loop. Any suggestions please.

Yes I have tried the delay but didn’t help me…I have to check again the selectors of 11 and 12 page…

The selector is pretty bad when you just click it:

You should avoid using css-selector any time you can. It’s too likely to change. There aren’t really any good properties for this object:


…but if you use the Visual Tree to navigate to it, then go up a level and set the LI as the target element by right-clicking it:


Now you get a much cleaner selector:


Also, the htmlwindowname and title properties are also pretty poor on that page. I recommend getting rid of htmlwindowname, using only title, and using a wildcard to ensure consistency:


Thankyou very much let me try and share the results.

Thankyou Paul. It works. I have to copy your selector as my one doesn’t show “UiPath-html-title” . Is that due to browser extension issue to or something else ? Just curious to know why my one doesn’t show this when I clicks. Thanks

Again, you have to find the target element in the Visual Tree of UI Explorer, then right-click the parent LI element and select “set as target element”

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Thankyou very much.

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