Data extraction won't stop after page 50

Hi, my problem is that after page 50, the webpage went to New Adult | Books to Scrape - Sandbox and uipath keeps refreshing that page. It never ends and won’t write to the excel file. I chose next button only at last step of the data extraction. Don’t know where uipatch clicked after page 50. Please help. Thanks

When I tested it for 1000 items, it stopped. Can you upload your .xaml file and maybe I can compare with mine?

how do I create the xaml file? I think uipath thinks the 'new adult ’ on the left side is the next button when the page 50 is up and keeps clicking on it since it’s always there.

Main.xaml (14.1 KB)

the xaml file is in the upper post.

I just tested again by setting item number to 1000, it worked. But when I ran the code very first time, the default was 100, it stopped but never wrote to the excel file. So I made the number to 2000. What if I don’t know the numbers of the result. How do I set the number when I try to extract the fields I thought uipath would be smart enough to see if the ‘next’ button is available on the page.

I tested again, it worked if I put the number less than 1000. But what if I don’t know the total number of the result.

Hi @Gary_Guo.

Apologies, I just saw your mail. I was in a meeting and still is. I trust you are doing well?

As to your last question, if you do not know the number of results, and you want all result, you set the item number to ZERO.

Try that and see.

True, setting the number less so it doesn’t try to extract more items than there are is a workaround, but actually doesn’t identify what the real issue is.

The real issue, I believe, is that it is using a “Fuzzy Selector” for the Next button. Therefore, by fuzzy, it is finding the New Adult button, since it starts with the first two letters.

To resolve, try deselecting Fuzzy and select “Selector”. do this by clicking on “Edit Next Link” on the activity:
Then, rollover the next link and click on the little settings button. Finally, select “Selector” and Apply / confirm.

Let us know if that helps resolve it using 2000 max items. EDIT: or Zero max items also.


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Great presentation at the webinar today. Cheers!!!

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Thank you, Clayton, well explained. It works now. since the fuzzy selector is not that accurate, why didn’t uipath make selector as default. My previous problems from earlier classes were also involved the accuracy of the selector. I would never know what was wrong and where to fix it if I decide to learn it myself.

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From my understanding, their goal is to make the element selection very dynamic so it can self-correct in a way, and still work when slight changes occur. In regular Studio, we do a lot of selector editing to ensure it is dynamic and reliable, but I guess they are trying to remove the need for this.

StudioX is still kind of a work in progress, so I’m sure there will be improvements by our feedback.

Note: the generated selectors are not normally the most reliable, so Fuzzy is sometimes better.

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