Bot stops after a few pages of data extraction

Hi all,

I am pretty new to uipath. I am doing data extraction from a company website of about 60 pages. using uipath wizard. Problem is the bot just stops after going though a number of pages.

There is no error message ect.

  1. is there something i can do to correct this sudden random stop?
    2.How to i make bot clear a pop up before continuing with the extraction (bot stopping is not caused by the pop up)
  2. s there any any simple video tutorials on how i can do web table extraction without having to use the wizard?


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In Extract Table Data check Number of Items is 0 or other number

If it’s has another number then change to 0 for no limitation of results

Hope this will help you



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There are couple of things we need to ensure while data scrapping in these kind of scenarios

  1. As it has around 60 pages we need to ensure the Number Of Items property as 0
    So that it will ensure that it extracts all the data in all the pages

  2. While performing data extraction you will be shown with a option of next page and after that you can see the PREVIEW wizard where all the data extracted will appear
    Make sure you can see all the data you are looking for

  3. If you find like there is some delay between each page getting loaded then have some delay mentioned in the property Delay Between Pages

  4. Here you go with a doc and a example of how to use data extraction
    And we need to use data extraction wizard to get a tabular structured data from a application
    There is another option which we can try is SCREEN SCRAPPING or FIND CHILDREN
    But as you have multiple pages with accessible elements it is always better to go for DATA EXTRACTION METHOD
    Example of Using Data Scraping

Cheers @Hari5


Thanks for help but i already set property to zero

Can anyone teach me how to make uipath find for a button first before it clicks it? i think the bot is losing its ability to find next button after a few pages of extraction. That’s why its stopping.

Usually Data extraction method doesn’t require explicit click on next page button with a activity as that extract datatable activity itself will navigate from page to page

But still for an idea the way to click on next page is very simple
All the application will either have the NEXT page button either at the top of the screen or at the bottom of the screen

If it’s at top no issue we can just click activity
If it is at bottom then use a SEND HOTKEY activity with key as ctrl+End
Even some of the application won’t require to get to the spot where next button is visible and then click
Rather it will click the button even if it is not visible and it is applicable based on that project

Cheers @Hari5