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If you will go through the video in the below link you will see the guy using Speech to Text to input data into a form and finally getting details of the flight in another form.

These inputs forms, are they a standard feature of UiPath or are they custom made for the purpose of video.


Hi @vaibhav15211

Seems like you forgot to include that video link, no issues.

So in Uipath integrations you can find the following : Voice enabled RPA

If thats what you arent looking for then check the following topic : Voice to text

For Microsoft Speech Recognition Tech. discussion you can check here : Speech Recognition Robot

Hope this is adequate. If you want information about that video please post it.


My Bad, I was talking about the data entry page used in RPA Components - Bundles, Integration Packs | UiPath Marketplace

Any idea if it is built in functionality or custom?


There are custom activities and python objects and other integration (Googlesuite etc) in UiPath.

Instead of built in functionality we can call it a functionality/demonstration built for the purpose of showcasing Voice enabled RPA (Anyone can build anything and integrate into Uipath - as far as it is approved to be uploaded in GO!) . If you have more questions about this, there is a Q&A thread in the very link you have provided. Ask away :slight_smile:

I haven’t checked out that component either but that form has Uipath on the left hand top indicating that it was built for and by Uipath.

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