Voice to text

Can any one please help me to find how to convert voice to text

See these, it might be helpful -


hey thanks @PrankurJoshi but what exactly i have to give command? i got this array of string
{“start”,“stop”,“chorome”,“notepad”} but after clicking the OK button what exactly i have to say?

But it is not getting right voice command.

@VirtualStenographer could you please share the link

Hey @PrankurJoshi, @abhay and @vicky!

I have several questions:

  • Is it possible to use Google’s instead? I have tried both now and Google’s speech recognition seems way more accurate.
  • The only disadvantage I have now is that I still need to use the buttons. Does anybody have an example with Google and wihout the buttons?
  • Do you know how to adjust the language for Microsofts speech recognition? I would like to set it to Dutch (NL).

Kr, ElectricBoogie

Hi @ElectricBoogie,

You were able to solve this by using Google api?

I’m also looking to build similar workflow. Any thoughts on this? @vvaidya


Hey Ashok,

We are still working on this. Higher priorities got in the way of this. Will let you know once this has been managed.

Kind regards!

Hi @ElectricBoogie,

I was able to solve this with google speech to text api. Built the code in python and got the text back as an argument.


import speech_recognition as sr
def SpeechToText():
r= sr.Recognizer()
with sr.Microphone() as source:
Text= ‘Nothing’
print(‘say something’);
audio = r.listen(source)
print(‘Time over, Thanks’)
Text = r.recognize_google(audio, language=“en-US”)
print('Text: '+r.recognize_google(audio, language=“en-US”));

return Text
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Awesome! Can you maybe share the .XAML?

Sure! Please find xaml file in the attachment.

SpeechToText.zip (1.9 KB)

Please mark this as a solution if solved your issue.



I’m not able to getting inside activity of workflow.! @abhay @ElectricBoogie @ashoks93

check the all dependencies. if it shows error then just right click on it and repair it

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It Done After Save Python Activity Package.

@Vicky - I am facing the same issue of unresolved activity, downloaded python activity package, still some activities are not working. Anything else needed?

which error u have occur?SpeechToText By Python.zip (13.4 KB)
try this.
and u need python compiler also for run this programm.

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yup, it worked. Thanks a lot:smile:

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Hi @vicky , i am getting error for pyaudio module for “Invoke Python Method” activity.
As python scope getting executed successfuly with version python2.7

How can i install pyaudio ?
tried with pip but it asks visual studio c++14 to install, which is not getting installed at my end

Please help ASAP


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Hi Vicky i am getting error Load Python Script while using this

Even iam getting same error ,can some1 help us on this