Can We Speak to the Robot the way we communicate each other

Can someone help me on This. It’s an Urgent requirement in my project, Because i am new to RPA Uipath.

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do you mean physically speaking to it?

Yes, but we require not just RPA also machine learning so the robot learns

Hi Good Morning @alexologica.

Can You help me on This.

Thanks in Advance.

First let’s start with this:

That’s for you to make the robot talk

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No The way we Speak to Google

Yeah Thanks and Let me try This and will comeback to you once again.

No @CBlanchard like the way we speak with google

This I know @rmunro , But my requirements is like:
For example: will give input to the robot using Input Dialogue box instead can we say it to robot?

Hey @rmunro, i Have a small Doubt can we connect to Sql Developer Using Uipath .

Yes, it is possible to do it with google text to speech api. Also you can talk with robot,speech to text api. Robot can give answer to you. I did it in my native language. You can check my linkedln post Cevdet Selçuk on LinkedIn: #Robotlar #Hyperautomation #RPA

if you need to learn how to do it, just write me. I can explain the logic of algorithm.