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Text To Speech in Robot

Adding to above post tried Speech to Text and execute actions. Not completely sure if it does what it has to do, still working on it. Just sharing if you are interested and make it better. It’s basic Microsoft Speech recognition technology.

SpeechText.xaml (49.0 KB)

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thanks for sharing!


Thanks @vvaidya. Would love to see how this progresses. Keep us posted!


Hii @vvaidya,
How to set the variable scope to speechsynthesiser.can you tell me.
Thanks in advance.




I like the concept - doesn’t recognise my voice though :stuck_out_tongue:


After seeing this yesterday I played around with Google Text to Voice https://support.google.com/docs/answer/4492226?hl=en and it’s far superior to the Excel version, not perfect but would expect it to work better.

Challenge for you guys? :slight_smile:


Great work ! is it working now ? I would like to test :smiley:


Hello Vaidya,

Ran Same xaml file but while running the script finding issue which we are not aware…So Can You send me revamped xaml file if it working…? But thanks for sharing it was quite useful…


Greatfull, thanks for share


Any updates on this topic? I gave it a shot and tried to make some changes. At the present moment i’m stuck in working with the Grammar class.


Hi @vvaidya
It would be very helpful if you explain me this SpeechText.xaml example in detail. And it is not recognizing Indian accent and even some words. How much accuracy it shows?