RPA Starter course - how is automation impacting us section

In this course there is a video where the instructor is showing us what UiPath RPA can do. It reads and scans an ID extracts the data from the ID and then (this is the bit I haven’t seen in any of the trainings) it open a window with a picture of the ID and a set of fields that have been filled in with the appropriate information. That can also be manually adjusted.

Are there any training videos showing how to build UiPath based User Input forms (it has a little UiPath logo in the corner so I’m assuming it can be done within UiPath).

I haven’t got any further in the course yet but as it’s an RPA starter course I doubt it covers this topic.

Thanks very much

HI @charliefik

After reading your post, I also went through the course to see what it has… Yeah…and it looks interesting too. So these are not covered in the tutorials, May be they are using some special set of activity packs to do that. Really interesting to see it work and would be great to have some hands on on those stuff…

Wonder what type of activities they use for it… :thinking:


The Custom Input activity will display any html file it is given. You can write an html file to display an image, text fields, or anything else you wish. The activity returns a single string so for a large form you would need to separate fields with some delimiter like a semicolon and then parse it out in UiPath.

There’s a brief tutorial here.


Thanks very much for the info Daniel. I’ll have a look into it.

Good luck

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