UI path tool so slow and unable to update after new updates

This project uses the window-legacy compatibility which is being phased out and will no longer be available for new projects in the next enterprise release

Can any one have solution for above issue. it’s too slow and hanging.
Any solution for to resolve issue.

Hi @sanjeevaraya

I too faced this sometimes , dont know why

Looping @loginerror to check this


Could you please provide more information?

At which points of your interaction with Studio do you experience the slowness?

I faced when i drag any activity to designer panel and then try to type on the fields available in the activity it hangs for few secods and then its working fine and while compiling it is taking few more than usual @loginerror

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Same here. When I make changes on UiPath, it delays by a few second before next actions. Any updates?

Look like it takes a lot of RAM resources to run UiPath, it takes 5-10 GB RAM to run UiPath.

When i create a new process, it’s back to normal. May the reason is from converting from Windows-legacy to Windows ?

Hi @nhan.luu

Would you be able to share a zip file of your original and the converted project with me via a private message?

Please check mess.

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Converted all existing projects from Windows Legacy to Windows.
Extremely too slow to work on Studio.

Tried updating Studio from 2022.10.3 to 2022.10.5
Tried updating .NET from 6.0.9 to 6.0.13
but not change in performance.

No development can be done…

My solution (worked for me):
Do not convert, create a new Windows project then just copy the activities from Windows Legacy and paste to it. Some activities is no more existed and you should change it.