UiPath studio is always going to not responding status



When trying to develop any flow using studio, studio is going to not responding status while creating a variable or adding a activity. After 2 to 3 seconds, studio is coming to normal status and we are able to proceed. Is this due to flow is large or many number of variables ?
We have used 100+ variables in on flow. Could you please help us to avoid this issue by any way? Thanks.


Could you send us that flow in a private message?

Usually is better to split a large flow into more sub-flows - modules



In addition of what Badita mentioned, Do you have your workflow located on a local or a network drive?
This can have an impact on the loading/writing of the activities as well.



I have MUCH smaller flows than the OP, and my application is frequently freezing for up to 20 seconds at a time, for no apparent reason. The little loading wheel just pops up. Extremely annoying.

Using Windows 10. All files on a local drive.


I have had multiple issues with either Studio or a robot to stop working or become unresponsive.

Attached are the messages.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

UiPath has stopped workingRobot has stopped workingUnknown Hard Error