Performance issue

Hello UiPath team,

I am having some issues with UiPath regarding it’s performance in developer mode.
I get very often short freezes that last about 5 seconds when working on a process that has very very very many activities.
It’s a big workflow, and it could have been done better, however, I cannot really work on it because of these freezes.
Can you please clarify where these interruptions come from ?
And also what kind of PC do I need to run UiPath smoothly ?
Right now I’m running it on an AMD A8-8600B R6 with 8GB or RAM and a SSD, and looking at the resource manager in Windows, it doesn’t seem to reach the top at any point, so I don’t see where these are coming from.


I think I am facing the same issue. My problem is the same, UiPath studio often freeze about 5-10 secs. But my workflow doesn’t contain many activities at all. On the other hand, I got many activity packages installed on my PC, including activity and non activity packages.
So I assume that this problem might be because of this ?

My PC spec is i5-6300 2.4 GHz Ram 8GB SSD 120GB

I have seen performance struggles using 8GB RAM. Upgrade that to 16-64GB and you’ll have better time.

Also, as your workflow file gets large with longer sequences, you will find that stuff really REALLY lags and slows down. What you can do is break the workflow up into separate files with Invoke Workflow and is more organized too.

It’s much easier to develop when it’s broken up into smaller files and slows down less.

Hope that is of help.




I have the same problem as well. Uioath studio ofthen freeze about 5-1o sec. I think it’s beacause of a lots of activities and sequence. It does not happen before when there are less activities. Also my bot also crash a lot of times when combine all the sequence together. But it working fine when i test it one by one. So may be i’ll try extract it as a workflow. Hope it’s help.