UiPath Community Forum Awards 2017.1


Celebrating the best in the UiPath Community - #Marketing Announcement :slight_smile:

What makes good technology great?

You do! UiPath builds on the brainpower and enthusiasm of its community members, who are willing to bring their passion for technology at the heart of what we do.

Because you help us make UiPath better every day, we want to thank you and officially recognize your involvement by inviting you to be part of our new UiPath Community Forum Awards program.

The program is designed to honor those UiPath community members who make an outstanding contribution to the forum and its community of users through their knowledge and collaboration.

How it works

The UiPath Community Forum Awards will be held bi-annually, on an ongoing basis. Every six months UiPath will be rewarding 10 (ten) users who demonstrate the most significant contributions to the Forum.

The UiPath Community Forum Committee will make an assessment of all user activity based on a predefined algorithm which takes into account specific criteria such as: number of solutions devised, ‘likes’ received, likes given, time spent in reading and automation challenge responses.

The prizes will consist in Amazon Gift cards, amounting to 300 USD for the first 5 people from the top, and 150 USD for the following 5.

Everybody counts

Because it’s important to allow everyone a fair shot at this, we have devised a dynamic prize distribution mechanism meant to incentivize and enable newer users to advance as well.

So if at the end of the second semester (12 months) the 10 toppers from the first semester will have maintained their leading position, they will now only receive half of their initial prize value, the other half being evenly redistributed to newcomers.

This way, at the end of every 12 months, the minimum amount awarded to someone will be 100 USD, and the maximum will be 450 USD.

Every semester we have a budget of 2000 USD assigned (might grow next year). This means that any amount left after places 1 - 10 have received their prizes will automatically be redistributed to newcomers.

At the start of a new year, all the numbers will be reset.

Here’s an example to better illustrate:

Let’s suppose the situation at the end of the first semester looks like this:

1. Bob 300 USD
2. Alice 300 USD
3. Emi 300 USD
4. Nick 300 USD
5. Anne 300 USD

6. John 100 USD
7. Sam 100 USD
8. Hellen 100 USD
9. Aku 100 USD
10. Lea 100 USD

Now let’s look at where everybody stands at the end of the second semester:

1. Bob 150 USD
2. Alice 150 USD
3. Emi 150 USD
4. Aku 250 USD = 300 - 50 (50% of previous prize)
5. New Comer (1) 300 USD

6. John 50 USD
7. Nick  0 USD = 100 - 150 (50% of previous prize)
8. New Comer (2) 100 USD
9. Hellen 50 USD
10. Lea 50 USD

Looking at this second round, we see that there is a total of $1250 awarded. But since our budget is $2000 per semester, therefore we will grant another 7 prizes of $100 to newcomers (places 11 - 17)

Again, for the next year, everything is reset.

What better way to start

Since we’re (kind of) halfway into 2017 and we don’t really want to skip a beat, we decided to release the first batch of awards right now.

That being said, it is our great pleasure to congratulate the following ten Community Forum members for making it to all the way to the top through their excellent performance during the past six months.

So the winners for the first half of the year:
Top 5 - $300

Next 5 - $100

By the end of this week you’ll get a message in your inbox containing the voucher code.

Terms and Conditions

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Congrats to all !!! well deservered… @aksh1yadav my friend… lol

this is nothing but thank you, because your contribution to the world makes posible other people achieve their goals, in my case, I have the opportunity to increment my knowledge and this have helped me to support my family. Just today the webinar with Guy was cool and now this…

thanks to y’all. Thanks UiPath… This is great!!!


Hi @ddpadil,

Great to see you Dilip. Congrats, you are really deserve it.
This is how we can help each other by sharing knowledge.



Hello everyone,

Congratulations and lets keep working like this!




Wonderful! Congratulations to all. If there’s anything in this world truly worth rewarding, that’s passion!


Congratulations to all!!



Hearty Congrats to all


Congratulations to all :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


I full agree with you @beesheep, @aksh1yadav well done!! Congratulations!!!:clap::clap::clap:


Hi @ddpadil,

Congratulations.You really Deserve this Award. .:slightly_smiling_face:


Great work guys :slight_smile:


Hi @ddpadil,

Congratulations.You really Deserve it because your hard work and dedication.:smile:


Congratulations for the winners and for Uipath for this initiative. I´m sure it will benefit all of us.


Congratulations all of you. Keep going :slight_smile:


Congratulations all of you… keep it up :slight_smile:


Congratulation @ddpadil & other members too…:slight_smile: