UiPath Community Awards 2017.2


Thank you community! It’s been an amazing 2017…and here are the winners.

@aksh1yadav - 150
@vvaidya - 150
@andrzej.kniola - 150
@ddpadil - 250
@ClaytonM - 300

@Lucas.Pimenta - 100
@Susana - 100
@richarddenton - 0
@burque505 - 100
@Florent_Salendres - 50
@florin.stan - 100
@acaciomelo - 0
@Mr_JDavey - 100
@sfranzen - 100
@Poovarasan2 - 100
@599712 - 100
@jibanjyoti - 100
@beesheep - 50

2018 we’ll bring quarterly prizes by the same rules (reset will happen every half year).

For reference: UiPath Community Forum Awards 2017.1


Thanks to @ovi for continued support.


I’m very proud to help the community! And let’s keep the Robots Alive!

Congratulations to all :smiley:



Thanks guys :blush: you are great!


Thanks and congratulations to everyone on the list for the help you’ve given me and the rest of the community.


Congrats and you all deserve it. Happy to hear ! Thanks for your time and efforts :slight_smile:

Dominic :slight_smile:


Thought I’d give some others a chance this time around!! I’ll be back, either that or just create a bot that likes all my posts :wink:


But it happened. Your prize has been diminished with half of the previous (150) therefore you’re on 0. Everything was reported to other users.



Pleasure meeting up with the great @aksh1yadav and @badita @ovi :slight_smile: #legends


hey @richarddenton

same pleasure i have received :slight_smile:

I am really feeling really great to get such appreciation and award.
The Uipath First Developer Conference was really awesome and was much excited to see more offering with the tool in terms of technology evolution and many more know Buzz words in the market :wink: support with Uipath Tool.
The Road Map is pretty amazing.
I was much happy on the stage but there i was really missing some Top of the Mountains Guys who really deserve this thing too :slight_smile: Like
@andrzej.kniola @vvaidya @Florent_Salendres @acaciomelo @ClaytonM and many more ( Please dont think about order of naming it is just based on my interaction with you guys frequently so what was coming in my mind at the time of writing i wrote them :slight_smile: )

I really wanna express my heartiest Gratitude to the UIpath Team, Mr. Cool @badita(Although it was our second meet but you are cool as always :stuck_out_tongue: )
@ovi( She is a girl not a boy :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: please update your Profile picture hehe) and Most important the Whole Community Members.

Just Keep learning and keep sharing :slight_smile:

See you all soon in the next Dev conf if possible.



Hi All,

Congrats Guys !! Keep rocking !!



Congrats to all and thank you!


Hearty Congrats to all!!