UiPath Community Awards 18.2

Summer is here, and so are the 2nd awards of the year, everybody! :sun_with_face: :sunflower:

A lot has happened in the past 6 months, we’ve put the pieces together, now it’s time to celebrate! :tada: Before revealing the winners we would like to thank everyone for their involvement in building and helping the community: great ideas, solutions and feedback.

You’ll see a lot of new names on the list along with our “veterans”. Here they are:

@balupad14 - :india: - USD 300
@Rammohan91 - :india: - USD 300
@vvaidya - :us: - USD 150
@Lucas.Pimenta - :brazil: - USD 300
@ClaytonM - :us: - USD 150
@arivu96 - :india: - USD 0
@aksh1yadav - :india: - USD 50
@andrzej.kniola - :poland: - USD 0
@sreekanth - :india: - USD 100
@Dominic - :india: - USD 0
@ddpadil - :india: - USD 50
@Honoka - :jp: - USD 100
@ashwinS2 - :india: - USD 100
@Rishabh_Lakhera - :india: - USD 100
@indra - :india: - USD 100
@PrankurJoshi - :india: - USD 100
@KEntwistle - :uk: - USD 100

Community activities contributors (@balupad14, @Rammohan91, @Lucas.Pimenta) have been heavily boosted. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Gallery. Passion brought us here and together, we create!

I would like to mention and thank @honoka for the most contribution in Japan category. ありがとうございました

Can’t wait to see what the next quarter will bring :sunny:

Here are the UiPath Community Awards rules, terms & conditions:


We are nothing without our community so i also like to share my gratitude to all of you.
All your help makes us become better and better each day.


Congratulations @Rishabh_Lakhera and everyone else :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
You all deserved it!


I would like to thank Uipath Team for the great work along these years. You guys are the best! I’m proud to be part of this Community!

Congratulations to everyone who contributed with custom activities at the Uipath Gallery, helping each other to solve problems and helping rookies to know Uipath World.

Uipath Community Rocks!

Let’s keep the Uipath Robots Alive! :smiley: :smiley:


Congrats to all winners :slight_smile:


This is really great :slight_smile: Happy to see all new and young energetic minds. Congratulations :tada:


A very hearty congratulations to all the winners!

It’s been only 2 months having learnt UiPath and a mere 20 days having joined this amazing community. I had no clue the awards were near and to be inducted in this elite list of hardworking and talented individuals in nothing short of an achievement for me. :slight_smile:

To all the members out there who’re there helping and contributing to this community, a big applause goes to you too, each and every member here is a genius and a budding talent.
Never stop striving for more!

Kudos to the the whole UiPath family.Such encouragement to newbies like me will surely help us grow and strive for more. :slight_smile:



Congrats to all the winners, keep rocking guys.


Congrats all the winners.

Keep going.


Thank you so much UiPath & all the community members. :slight_smile:

Thanks to all the ‘Veterans’ specially :slight_smile: . You are the one who guided & helped most of us here when we started this Journey. :grinning:

Congratulations to all the winners of the Awards. :muscle:

Its really been a pleasure to be a part of this Awesome community.

Keep Rocking.

Rammohan B.


Wow! I’m touched by your thoughts and honored to be here with all of you. :blush:

@Gabriel_Tatu a big thanks from all of us for your continuous help here.
Gabriel is in our QA team and he’s really interested in the community feedback and especially critics. So start fuel him, folks! :joy:

@Lucas.Pimenta thank you for sticking here for so long, you are truly one of the veterans. And I didn’t forget I owe you some T-shirts - saying this publicly so it will be on the record :smile:

@arivu96 you contribute a lot and I’ve noticed you from the first week you joined the community.

@Dominic I remember you had a very hard to remember username :joy: And you are always pointing me if you feel I am doing something wrong. Thank you for this!

@Rishabh_Lakhera I already know your picture when I look through posts, I am surprised you have joined on the 14th of June (I had to double check :joy:). You are so involved and I know you will become one of the leaders soon. Just like @arivu96 did.

@Rammohan91 I know you had a lot of questions in the beginning but I have seen you evolving during this time. Keep up the good work!

@3726 @karthick @Niket_Ghai I didn’t forget you! Thanks a lot for supporting the community, I am glad you have shown this publicly. :slight_smile:

Later edit: My username is @ovi but my real name is Viorela. I was “undercover” for a while but I am really happy we got to know each other (some of you personally).


Thank you so much UiPath and Uipath team. Congratulations to all the winners . Special thanks to who are motivate me to create custom activities to be in the gallery. Special thank to who are shared their challenges in form.

Thank you to all the form users and Uipath members.

Thank you


Congratulations to all the winners :confetti_ball:


Congrats to all winners
@ovi Thank You for announcing

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Didn’t see that one coming.
Frankly speaking i was bit busy lately and i’m still wondering :thinking:how i made it to the list this time.:joy:

PS: By the way where is @richarddenton went ?

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Congrats to all winners…

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Congratulations for all the winners, being helped so much. Thank you!

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Thanks @ovi ! I really like the concept of this forum and the way users(we) keep on improving ourselves and community.

Thanks to veterans and everyone who is involved in making the community a great place to learn.

It is always been a pleasure to visit, for reading, learning everything.

Congratulations to all the winners !



I am honoured to have been named in this award! Thank you so much and congrats to all winners :smiley:


Great to see so many new names and faces on the board. Best community in the world - and the only vendor of the Big 3 that has an opportunity for people to try the software and learn for free.

Love you guys! Let’s keep driving on… :slight_smile:

R2D2 - (I gave myself an upgrade.)

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