Unattended robot connection to orchestrator is reset (Requires Assistant)

Running first time into this issue…

Issue: When triggering job from orchestrator it is left in pending state indefinitely.
Checked that I have proper unattended robot account and machine setup for correct folder. So it is not (i think) orchestrator setup related.

What happened: Robot is installed in service mode. (Actually deleted what was there previously there - Studio setup; and installed robot in service mode). Connected robot using Assistant to orchestrator. License was pulled in as well - green light. Logged out from service account user (robot user). and started the job from orchestrator - job started running as intended.

Next day, when triggering job it is in pending state indefinitely. Login to robot machine, checked robot service (running) , assistant wasn’t running, started assistant and connected it to orchestrator again using machine key and automations started working again.

I don’t remember needing to do anything specific for unattended robot to keep its connection with orchestrator even after machine restart, etc.

What am I missing?
This is enterprise license btw.


Ensure that UiPath Assistant is configured to start automatically when you start your computer. You can do this by navigating to the Startup tab in the Task Manager and ensuring that UiPath Assistant is enabled to start automatically.

If its set…try a reinstall…when you do that make sure to delete all UiPath related files and then perform a fresh installation


Hi @bromanen

Check this

WOW thanks for quick responses, will check as per suggestions.

Assistant is not relevant to unattended automations and does not even need to be installed, let alone started.


How do you connect a robot to orchestrator …just by installation i dont think you can connect


Command line.

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The issue here mentioned was that a asidtant is already present and the robot is disconnected…so there must be some issue with assistant that its not connected as of now…what can be the root cause…

And command line is one way and you need amin rights…assistant is another way…i dont think you can deny that


No. Assistant has nothing to do with connecting Robot to Orchestrator.

I can deny it because I know that Assistant is for attended automations and is totally irrelevant to proper setup for unattended automations.

Install Robot in service mode and connect via command line - that’s the proper way.


This is the deployment document for unattended automations and official


Denial is not acceptable always

Cant even agree with it


You literally posted something that says the way to connect Robot is to use the command line.

Assistant is for attended automations. You don’t need it on a machine for unattended automations.

You need to understand the purpose and difference between Studio, Assistant, and Robot.

Studio is the development environment. Robot(.exe) runs the actual Job. For attended automations, Assistant is the UI that users use to tell Robot to run the Job. For unattended automations, Orchestrator tells Robot to run the Job.


Assistant has multiple purpuses…one of its functionality is to connect robots to orchestrator…

There are somany others…you can run bots, we can do task capture…we can set logginf preferences…etc

Happy to educate anyone


It has the ability to connect the Robot to Orchestrator exactly because it is a necessary step for running attended automations. Assistant is a UI for humans to use. It is not for unattended automations.

“Set Assistant to start when the system is rebooted” is WRONG ADVICE for solving a connection issue on a machine used for unattended automations.

That’s why you DON’T EVEN HAVE TO INSTALL ASSISTANT on a machine used for unattended automations. You literally posted a screenshot where UiPath explains this.


Command line connection can be used for attended automation as well…we can use when studio is there as well…

In the same way one functionality of assistant is to connect robot to orchestrator…in all the above mentioned cases we can use assistant as well to connect

This issue is its getting disconnected from assiatnt and it dint start even…I have given two…one for assistant auto start and another to reistall…because the connection xan be fixed with reinstallation…ideally if connection also was proper assistant would have connected after opening…which dint happen

And it would be better if you could help solve the issue rather than debating on some point which already is know and agreeable


You still don’t understand. All Assistant is doing is storing the connection information somewhere (registry or a config file) for Robot.exe to be able to connect. You can store that connection info with the command line, too.

Auto-starting Assistant to solve a Robot connection problem on a machine used for unattended automations is BAD ADVICE. I’m not going to explain it again.

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Please dont and if you further want to continue…create separate topic and let this question thread be for the same

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