UiPath Community 2023.4 Release

UiPath Community 2023.4 Release

Studio and StudioX

The final preview leading up to the 2023.4 Enterprise Release delivers highly sought-after enhancements and performance upgrades.

Show Properties Panel for all activities

After unveiling the updated activity design in version 2022.10, we received valuable feedback from our users regarding the absence of the Properties Panel. In response to this, we are excited to reintroduce the Properties Panel for activities featuring the new design.

Validation improvements

Project validation will now be quicker and more efficient, utilizing less RAM and CPU resources during the validation process.


Live streaming and remote control for windows robots

Starting with 2023.4 we provide live streaming for unattended robots that will help you debug easier! More than that, you can also remote control when live streaming :rocket:. To make this happen, access Orchestrator → choose your folder → identify an automation → click edit and enable “Allow live streaming” and, if you want, check Enabled for Allow remote control when live streaming.


While the automation is running you can see the live streaming from the Jobs interface, by clicking on the contextual menu of the running automation and then on the Open live stream option. If you want to interact within the environment, simply click on Take remote control.

In the GIF below you can see an example:


More details here: Live Streaming & Remote Control - Preview release


Share an automation

Starting with 2023.4, you can share automations with a colleague! You can do this by clicking the share icon next to the automation name on the details interface.

A link along with a message is copied into your clipboard, and now you can paste it on an email or message! :mailbox_with_mail:

Try it out! But keep in mind that this feature works only for automations found in shared folders :open_file_folder:

Automation Hub URL

Now if a process was created because of an idea, you can conveniently access that corresponding idea in Automation Hub by clicking on the "More details" link from the details interface. :rocket:


!NEW: The UIAutomation 23.4.0-preview is available now on our official feed. To get access to newly added functionality mentioned below please update the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities dependency to version 23.4.0-Preview for your process, from Studio → Manage Packages > Include Prerelease.

Computer Vision integration in Unified Target

Building and running reliable automations is the key to success for any automation program. The Unified Target concept is UiPath’s solution for ensuring the UI Automation based robots are reliable and trustworthy.

Computer Vision is an important AI powered targeting image-based technology that in some situations is the only one that can be used to reliably automate an application. Use-cases span from CV being used atomically to automate certain areas/elements that the driver cannot drill into, to VDI automation where CV is the only viable technology, and everything in between.

Computer Vision is now part of the Unified Target solution to help customers:

  • reduce the complexity of building UI-based automation: customers should not know nor care about technical underlying concepts like selectors, AI-based screen searches, or OCR technology; they should simply point and click the screen elements: the rest is UT’s job.
  • to increase the reliability and resilience to changes, in UI-based automation: often, customers do not control application UI changes; the UiPath robots must deal with these situations out of the box, and be smart enough not to break, remaining uninfluenced by the UI deterministic changes.

Computer Vision is enabled by default in Project Settings > UI Automation Modern for Desktop, Java and Web and disabled for SAP (as the happy path for SAP is using the strict selectors):

Computer Vision can also be enabled from the Helper:

The UIA Helper now has a streamlined new design focusing on optimizing vertical space, using a horizontal icon bar on top for the most common functions used:

  • Pause with a dropdown for changing the number of seconds of pausing the configuration
  • Hoverable elements & Image region selection buttons
  • Enable/disable Native Text & Computer Vision buttons
    • [F8] can now be used to enable/disable Computer Vision
  • Changing the UI Framework is now a dropdown
    • Default has been renamed to Auto
    • Active Accessibility and UI Automation Frameworks now show their own icons

After indicating the target, the Configuration section is expanded, now holding an Options, Windows Selector and Target/Anchor sections (also expanded by default):

Current scope & limitations:

CV Run-time Auto-Scroll by Default

We now have a frictionless automation UX of scrollable content using CV.
By default, at run-time, all CV targets are searched by scrolling as well if they’re not found in the current viewport, including tables – at design-time, the ScrollDirection property is set to Down.
Tables are extracted as scrollable by default – at design-time, the ScrollableTable property set to True.

Web triggers added to the monitoring framework

For the Trigger-based Attended Automation monitoring framework we have added the capability to set triggers based on native events for UI elements in browser pages.

Available native events for web triggers:

  • Appeared
  • Disappeared
  • Text changed
  • Key pressed
  • Click
  • Double click
  • Right click
  • Mouse move
  • Mouse entered
  • Mouse exited
  • Mouse pressed
  • Mouse released
  • Focus gained
  • Focus lost

These events are available through the Application Event Trigger activity, the same way this is used to set up triggers based on a native event for other technologies. The user needs to indicate the target element on the screen and then choose the native event from the list of events supported by that element.

Added the WebRequest permission to the Chrome/Edge extensions

We have added the WebRequest permission to the Chrome/Edge extensions to allow using the web request API.

As a result, the Chrome extension v23.4 has been published on the Web Store with new Extension IDs:

  • kmejkhcmhgilmppjodlgaklnmdmmhhcl – on Google Web Store
  • dknkgjgkdpkmddgdjlgdhfojlaehikmk – on Microsoft Store

The Self-hosted extension, used for Group Policy Offline installations, has also been updated with this permission, but kept the same Extension ID: ndmegdjihnhfmljjoaiimbipfhodnbgf.

Improved Chromium support

Electron applications can create multiple BrowserViews inside a single BrowserWindow. Each view translates into a new and separate WebContents instance added to the Aura window widget. In the previous versions, our Chromium support used only the first WebContents it could find.

Now we support to:

  • iterate over all WebContents
  • get WebContent’s position
  • check if a WebContent is active

Also, we have added support for CefSharp applications with multiple UI threads.

Document Understanding

We are happy to announce improvements for field-level Business Rules and the extraction algorithm for the Form Extractor! Keep reading to find out more :dancer:t2:

Updates on Business Rules

Mathematical Formula Field Rules ∑

With this release, we have added a new rule type that allows for the definition of mathematical formulas for both simple fields or column fields of type Number, referencing other number fields or number values. In this sense, one can provide one or multiple of the following:

  1. Field: either of the below:
    • a simple field of type Number
    • a column field of type Number
    • or a fixed value (provided by the user)
  2. Mathematical Operator: +, *, -
  3. Grouping Operator: (,)

All these to model use cases like:

  • Total > 100
  • Total = Subtotal + Delivery – Discount
  • Line Amount = Unit Price * Qty (all 3 being column fields, rule applicable for each row of the table)
  • Total Discount = sum (Discount Value)
  • Total Price = sum (Unit Price * Qty)
  • Total Price = sum(Line Amount) + Tax - Total Discount
  • And many more :blush: shall we be missing anything, do shout out – and keep watching, more rules one their way :dancer:t2:

Automatically applied rules in the Validation Station :face_with_monocle:

Remember the Field Level Business Rules feature we previewed some while back? Where one would check the extraction against certain pre-defined rules, in the Validation Station? Until now, the rules have been verified when submitting the validation session – however, with this new release, they will automatically be applied, so that one can see the results quickly, reducing like so the time one spends validating the documents.

Enhanced the Forms Extractor page-matching algorithm :jigsaw:

For the Form Extractor to correctly extract the data from a document, until now, the document pages needed to be in the order in which the Template has been configured – with this new release, we have enhanced the algorithm and are using the “page matching info” to identify the page and match the result of it to the page of the document received as input to the activity. In this way, we rely on exact matching info, instead of a page order when identifying and extracting the data, leading to an improved extraction result – even for scanned documents for which the pages do not respect a particular order.

Please tell us what you think

Which features excite you the most and you are going to try right away? We want to hear what you think! Please use the image button below :slight_smile:


Definitely an improvement in speed - excited about the share option - will find many use cases for this.
Good that Properties pane is back!
Excited about CV enhancements.

UiPath is on the RightPath…


I’m going to update to 23.4.0-beta.12241 now

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Good to see the property Panel Back and validation time issue resolved :slight_smile:


Awaited features -Live streaming and remote control for windows robots :hugs::hugs:


It looks great, however, I cannot find an option to download it on Automation Cloud, where is it?!

Yes, We missed you (properties panel)!!

I’m excited to try out Live Streaming option and thinking if it will there role permission to streaming or taking remote control besides the current job, folder roles

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Good to see the property Panel Back and validation time issue resolved :slight_smile:

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while in your Automation Cloud portal go to (?) Help button then to Downloads to reach the Resource Center.


Then, you’ll find the Studio download card:

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Good to see progress.
I’d be really happy to be able to publish projects where OCR-engines are used.






!NEW: The UIAutomation 23.4.0-preview is available now on our official feed.

To get access to newly added functionality mentioned here please update the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities dependency for your processes to version 23.4.0-Preview, from Studio → Manage Packages > Include Prerelease.

I didn’t realize that HELP had such a menu.I thought for sure that only the download of Studio could be done from the portal.

Hello everyone! :hugs:
I am delighted to announce that the live streaming and remote control for windows robots is now available! :rocket:
The documentation page explains all needed steps that should be done and is accessible from here :point_right: [Preview] Live streaming and remote control

Please tell us what you think :wink:


Hi. Sorry for the late reply, there is the dedicated permissions for this feature. thanks and looking forward to hearing back your feedback after you try it!

I have been able to download from the portal, however, when I double click it to install, nothing happens. Any help on the issue I might be having? @Bianca_Duminica

To Maciej KuźmiczUiPath Forum StaffToday I test Get Asset setting.
Credential was Error. but Text was success get from Assets.
Whoud you check “Get Asset Activities” for setting on Credential?
maybe it was updated.