Ready-to-go Automations for UiPath Assistant | UiPath Marketplace | Robot for Every Person | RPA

:point_right: Ready-to-go automations for UiPath Assistant. Discover robust RPA components that extend the UiPath Platform. #UiPathMarketplace #UiPath

➤Drive faster automation impact with the ready-to-go automations. This bundle features a collection of UiPath attended automations designed to help your employees with their day-to-day tasks.

➤ Enable employees to access and run ready-to-go automations directly from the Marketplace widget in Assistant or download this bundle to customize and share automations with your employees via Orchestrator.

➤➤➤ Video Covers :
0:00 Introduction
1:13 What is there for an Individual
1:54 How can Organization leverage Marketplace
2:53 How does it work in Organization
4:18 Sample Demonstration
7:06 UiPath Marketplace
8:33 Prerequisite : UiPath Assistant
9:15 Updating Studio Version
10:44 Introduction to Resource Center
12:41 Prerequisite : Enable Personal workspace
15:19 Utilize Marketplace
16:01 Installing Marketplace Component
19:30 Deleting Marketplace Component
20:04 Upload Your Component to Marketplace

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