UiPath Community 20.10 Stable Release - Robot & UiPath Assistant

UiPath Community 20.10 Stable Release

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your support and assistance as we continue to focus on improving our products. We are grateful for our strong community! Today, we are excited to introduce you to new and improved capabilities for UiPath Assistant and UiPath Robots that are available as part of the 20.10 community release.

We believe that every person should be freed from tedious work that steals time from more important tasks. That is why our team has been working hard to deliver new and exciting features to help you seamlessly collaborate with robots – so you can be even more productive in your day-to-day work.


Login & First Run Experience

As of 20.10, you can easily connect your Robot to Orchestrator by signing in with your UiPath account. No more hassle with complicated robot set-ups!
Follow these simple steps to connect to your Orchestrator in a matter of clicks.

Always running processes

Based on customer and community feedback, we are excited to introduce a feature that makes it easier to deploy and run long-running processes without human interaction. The ‘always running processes’ feature allows you to continuously run automations without input or instructions from the user, making it easy to deploy and run uninterrupted long-running processes. Automations that are set up to run in this mode cannot be paused or stopped from Assistant.



New design

We’re excited to introduce a new Assistant experience designed to make it easy – and fun – for you to work with robots. A new launchpad on the right side of your Assistant dashboard lets you instantly access your favorite automations, as well as group and organize them according to your preferences.

We have also added a description section to each automation, so you can quickly understand what an automation is and how it can help you with daily work. This information is based on Studio/Orchestrator process descriptions and input arguments.

Picture in Picture

In the 20.4 release, we introduced an experimental Picture in Picture feature that provides a dual desktop experience, so you can multitask while robots run automations on a copy of your desktop.​ Releasing 20.10, Picture in Picture got a revamp with an improved user interface. It is one of the core features of the new Assistant experience. Moreover, you can now invoke workflows and processes from the main user session to the Picture in Picture session by using a new Target Session argument for the InvokeWorkflow, InvokeProcess, and RunParallelProcess activities.
Once your automation successfully runs in Picture in Picture mode, a robot keeps the session open, so you can quickly check the results and close the window.




Delete personal processes

Now you can easily delete processes in your personal folder directly from Assistant. To do that, simply go to the contextual menu in Assistant and press Uninstall. Your Assistant will delete a process from Orchestrator; however, the NuGet package will remain untouched.


Assistant can now send you messages using the Windows notification system to alert you if a process fails to run or if there is an issue with your Orchestrator connection.

Link Orchestrator to Robot Status

Now you can access your Orchestrator instance directly from Assistant by simply clicking on “Robot Status.” Also, hovering over “Robot Status” shows the Orchestrator URL that your Assistant is connected to.

We hope you find these new features useful for your RPA projects. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback about this release!



Great! Please for the next release consider to add the ability to edit orchestrator jobs parameters right from UiPath assistant. Thanks