Automation store vs Marketplace

what is the difference between UiPath Marketplace and Automation store available in the UiPath Assistant ?

Hello @Shalini_J ,

As per my understanding UiPath Marketplace have the reusable RPA components. For example, there is one component called “Generate Random Password”. Anyone can easily use that component in their workflow rather than building one from the scratch.

On the other hand, in Automation Store everything is ready to go. You can just install those in assistant and run those project.

For further knowledge you can go through the documentations.


Hello @Shalini_J,

Using Marketplace Widget in Assistant you can download ready-to-go automations from UiPath Marketplace. These automations are created by UiPath or other contributors and they can be run in your Assistant without any changes.
Using Automation Store Widget you can download automations from Automation Store. In Automation Store you will have access to automations developed by your company’s CoE.

I hope is more clear now.


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