Uipath click image activity timeout


I am using a click image activity to select a specific region in a window and click that object. I am setting a Timeout value (milliseconds) as 3000 still while running it takes 15 seconds to throw a not found exception.

Am I missing something here? thanks!

Click Image by default it has 10 sec timeout and if you pass 3000 ms, then it will be around 13 sec.

You want to throw exception in 3 sec?

@Manoj_prabhakar_R Yes. I want it to throw an exception in 3 seconds.

@Palaniyappan Can you help me on this?

instead of click and wait for exception -
-you can try

  • add element exists and set the timeout before the click activity…
    if the element exists -> do the click action else throw the exception.

@GBK Thanks for your reply.

The element does not have a reliable selector. That is why using the image based activity.

Usually default value of timeout is 30000 milliseconds, and as we have set that for 3000 now it won’t actually wait for 15 seconds buddy
Anyhow we need to check once whether it is waiting at that spot or at different activity
Kindly run once in debug mode so that we can validate that


Did we try with IMAGE EXISTS activity
And if the image is there it will give us Boolean value as true or as false
Based on which we can use THROW activity to throw a exception

Cheers @John_D

I have checked placing a breakpoint. Its exactly taking 30 seconds, which means the timeout value is not at all taken.

In this case IMAGE EXIST may be a good solution cause the element has no reliable selector.

I believe this some kind of bug. I attached the screenshot of the activity configuration for your reference.

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Hmm but it would wait only for mentioned time buddy, Fine I wonder why so

Kindly try with image exists activity and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @John_D