Clickimage - Timeout

If I use click image, and set continue on error true - with a timeout of 1 sec . Then It takes 30 sec for uipath to continue. This is a new problem for me - it used to work fine with the timeout.

I don’t want to change all click image to image exist, with an IF decision afterwards.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

VirajN - I cant reply u, it didn’t work - can u tell me something else to try?

I was facing this same issue yesterday and after few trail and errors was able to resolve it. I changed the timeout to 0 and wait for ready to complete. Hope this works for you as well :smiley:

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Thanks! I’ll try this asap :slight_smile:

@ABRPA let me know if it works.

Full disclosure it didn’t work from me for the 1st time, @pavanh003 did suggest this to me but it never worked as expected but he helped me with multiple options and it finally worked