Uipath Click Activities Not Working On VPS

Hello all! Hope you are doing well.

I’ve been trying to make a process run in a VPS, but UiPath is unable to record any click activities be it on any app or browser. The UI elements are visible, just that when I click on them, nothing happens. It’s only allowing Computer Vision by dragging the mouse to take an image of the screen but when the elements are visible why should I use CV clicks?

Now suppose, I make/record the process on my laptop with click activities and then transfer the process to the VPS and try to run it, now it works, it clicks on everything.

But when I connect the same VPS through the same “remote desktop connection” on my colleague’s laptop and try to run the process, it doesn’t work.

So do I need any extension or anything to make UiPath work flawlessly in the VPS?

Typo-into activities are working perfectly, I am able to record them as well and due to this, I am being forced to use shortcut keys(tab, enter) which is not that convenient. Please lemme know if you have any suggestions.

Here is a screen recording explaining the issue and showing click activities not taking any clicks:

Also this is how it looks when using the activity “use a browser/app”. I mean only the half page shows similarly same thing for click activity. The elements are there but in the wrong place. For example to click on the facebook icon I might have to click on the firefox icon.

Like here you see click activity is recognizing at the wrong place. The search bar is a little bellow and it is recognizing it at another place. Does this have something to do with pixel and display size?

try to reboot workstation.

What’s a workstation?

Guys, please help me out. Here is a screen recording explaining the issue, you can see here that click activities recognize clicks at wrong places.

I don’t know what kind of environment are you use.
Try to reboot your server/PC/workstation - I mean the machine where you are doing automation.

@loginerror Can you tag someone please who could have a solution for this?

Hi @Tejaa

How are you connecting to the remote machine? I believe we have some runtime for Remote Desktop that could maybe help.

Also, the offset of the elements comes I think from the scaling option of the machine. Could you check your Windows settings and that scaling option?

UiPath is installed directly on that remote machine, I am just accessing that remote machine via RDP to use UiPath within it.

So do I need remote runtime in this case? Isn’t it required when UiPath is installed on my original PC and I am tryna do activities on the remote machine without installing UiPath on it?

BTW, I fixed this issue, it was due to the screen resolution, so I changed the screen resolution from the RDP settings because I was unable to change display settings within the VPS. I reduced it down to 1080 x 800 now it’s recognizing clicks and selecting properly.

But there is one issue: Automation stops when I close the RDP. Anyway to keep it alive after I close the RDP session? So that UiPath keeps running within the VPS.

No, indeed, I don’t think so. It wasn’t clear to me.

I think this might be up to the properly installed unattended robot. Normally you would let Orchestrator handle the connecting and running of the automation.

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