Activities are not working in the Virtual Environment

Hello Uipath,

I am working on the automation of a Desktop application and I am doing the development in the Virtual environment. Activities such as Click, TypeInto etc are not working. Not just on the application I am working on, but other applications too, including web. What could be the reason? Please help.

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Anit Michael

Did u mean u are doing Citrix automation? @anit.michael

I am using VPN to connect to the clients Virtual Maschine and I need to Automate a desktop application in the Virtual environment. I have studio downloaded in th Virtual Environment and I am developing the Bot in that studio.

I am using CudaLaunch

So u are saying the activity are not working right

Is it throwing any error or something else?

Hi @anit.michael,

As far as I understand, you are trying to automate an automation on it by connecting to a different server with vpn from the environment in which you are developing.

You can proceed with the uipath remote runtime method while doing this. You can make the selectors here accessible through a plugin you install on that server.

I am attaching the link for you to review.


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I am not sure but now I am using the UIA selector and i can click now.

Hi @anit.michael, are u using Remote Desktop to connect to VM, and want to automate through it?
If yes, i think u need to install the extention.

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I tried that, but still not working :frowning:

Thank you for sharing this video.

Hi @anit.michael ,
How do u access your virtual environtment? Why don’t u just install robot on that VM, instead of running it using RDP?

I am working on the VM, I have studio in the VM and the bot is running in the VM

Hi @anit.michael ,
I see, so then i think u can just use it like in normal PC. Maybe if still cannot, then u can try to show the cursor in your Remote VM, coz maybe your actual cursor has a different function with the cursor in VM.

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