UiPath Chrome Manifest V3 Extension Released with 2022.4 Update

UiPath Chrome Manifest V3 Extension Released with 22.4 Update


The adoption of Manifest V3 represents one of the biggest shifts in the Google Chrome extensions platform since it launched a decade ago. Extensions using Manifest V3 will enjoy enhancements in security, privacy, and performance.

The new UiPath Chrome MV3 extension

We’ve implemented a completely new extension following the Manifest V3 standard released by Google. This new extension can be installed from both Studio ->Tools->UiPath Extensions panel as well as Command Line as described in the documentation.

Releasing the MV3 UiPath Extension in 22.4 ensures that Chrome automations will continue to run as intended after the sunset of Manifest V2.

What about previously released UiPath MV2 extensions?

Chrome Manifest V2 official support from Google ends in January 2023 . After this point in time, all MV2 extensions will cease to function in Chrome ( limited enterprise exceptions ).

June 2023 will be the deadline for when MV2 extensions will no longer function in Chrome even with the use of enterprise policy.

We will release patches in the near future for the UiPath platform (20.10.x, 21.10.x LTS) that include MV3 extension for Chrome.

Noticeable differences between UiPath MV2 vs MV3 Extensions

The only notable difference from a user perspective is the presence of the following popup in Chrome, when the UiPath MV3 extension was not installed by policy.

This is normal behavior as the UIPath MV3 extension is using DebuggerAPi .

UiPath Chrome MV3 Extension Known Issues

1) Backwards compatibility issue when creating a new SAP Fiori workflow in Studio 22.4 that will use UIAutomation 20.10.x.

These workflows will have to be executed with a Robot version 22.4 or newer.

Root cause

In this scenario, there are two new attributes present in SAP Fiori selectors ( ui5-colLabel and ui5-isempty ). These attributes are not available when using UiAutomation 20.10.x with older versions of the Robot( earlier than 22.4 release). This causes the selector search to fail.

2) Studio and Robot upgrades to 22.4 or newer versions, causes Simulate Click on certain/some webpage buttons that have handlers in “javascript: ” format to no longer work.

Example of a button with a “javascript:” handler

<form action="javascript: window.location.href='FormHandler.html';" method="get" novalidate="true">

Root cause

This is a technical limitation introduced by Google’s rollout of the Manifest V3 update to their Chrome extension platform.

Proposed Solutions & Mitigation options

  • For UiAutomation 21.10 & newer, use of Chromium API input method instead of Simulate is required.
  • For UiAutomation older than 21.10, use of Hardware Events input method instead of Simulate is required.

Please share your feedback, as well as any questions that might arise!

Thank you,
Iulian M.


Hello @Iulian_Marin,

These mitigation options are great to know as we are planning to upgrade our instances.

Out ot curiosity
Does the new extension provide additional benefits ( other than the official support period from Google) ?

For others wondering how to get around this behaviour:

@Werve and @Mike_Campbell have proposed a working workaround in this thread :
Chrome extension malfunction after auto-update to 22.4 - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum


Hello @jeevith ,

I am glad to hear that the mitigation options will be of help in upgrading your instances.

The new UiPath Chrome MV3 extension does not provide any additional benefits .

Kind regards,
Iulian M.