Installing the MV3 extensions without upgrading UiPathStudio.msi

All we know the sunset of the MV2 extension is very soon. You can find the timelines here.

How many ways we can upgrade the extension from MV2 to MV3?

Add extension from the store link:slight_smile:

  1. UiPath Web Automation 22.4 - Chrome Web Store
  2. UiPath Web Automation 22.10 - Chrome Web Store


  1. Microsoft Edge Addons
  2. Microsoft Edge Addons

Upgrade the Uipath studio MSI

Here are the UiPathStudio.msi patches with MV3:

Installing the MV3 extensions without upgrading UiPathStudio.msi

  1. Download and extract on the target machine
  2. Make sure that the location where UiPathExtensions_MV3 is deployed is whitelisted for execution
    (all users should be able to read files from that folder, the antivirus should not block it etc.)
    A good location would be: C:\Program Files\UiPath\UiPathExtensions_MV3
  3. From an elevated command prompt run UpgradeBrowserExtensions_MV3.exe to automatically upgrade the Chrome/Edge extensions to MV3.
  4. Or, run the following commands to install the extensions separately from an elevated command prompt:
    SetupExtensions.exe /chrome-enterprise /silent
    SetupExtensions.exe /edge-enterprise /silent
  5. If the client is using the ExtensionInstallForceList Group Policy to manage browser extensions then follow the instructions from here for Chrome and Edge.
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