UiPath Chrome Extension not working properly

After having some trouble installing the chrome extension on my client’s computer, I have finally managed to install (https://docs.uipath.com/studio/docs/chrome-extension#section-extension-fails-to-install-after-google-chrome-update) and make it “work” so that UiPath doesn’t tell me to install it everytime I try to get a selector on Chrome…

…however I can’t really get a selector. It doesn’t return me an error, but when I’m trying to get a selector on the page, I only have a blue rectangle for the whole frame of the Chrome browser.

I have tried reinstalling and rebooting multiple times.
Some screens :


Hmmm…I think the chrome extension is Not installed completely
Once after installing the extension check once in chrome whether that chrome extension is enabled or not
Because we would be able to select the element as a individual element
Cheers @bartierc

Hello @Palaniyappan,

Chrome extension is indeed enabled, as my screenshots prove. This is why I can’t understand the problem and opened this thread.

By the way, I’m using Studio Entreprise 2019.4.4, would an upgrad to 2019.10 have a chance at fixing this?

if its a ENTERPRISE edition then we can raise a ticket to UiPath and to their technical support team like this

Cheers @bartierc

Thanks, I did. Haven’t received a reply yet though.

Please wait…they will surely come back with a optimal solution
Cheers @bartierc

I solved my problem.
Turns ou the extension I was force-installing was an obsolete version (the one on the chrome store). Don’t use this one anymore.
I had to whitelist in the windows registry the following chrome extension ID : dkgencfabioofgdmhhjljpkbbchbikbh. This is the one that UiPath Studio installs.

Try this extension - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/uipath-web-automation/dkgencfabioofgdmhhjljpkbbchbikbh