UiPath extension for Chrome

Though i have the UiPath extension for chrome when am trying to run the scripts from UiPath following error is displayed.

Attach Browser ‘Httpsqa v Page’: Invalid selector: . Expected a selector. Please make sure that you indicate a browser tab element.


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@Spoorthi_Chintala1 - if you already install the chrome extension from studio… pls try below

  • open chrome browser
  • navigate to menu → extensions
  • enable UIPath Web automation extension
  • close browser and reopen browser and verify…

if chrome extension not installed earlier-

  • open the uipath studio
  • Click on chrome extension icon to install the extension…
  • open chrome browser
  • navigte to menu - extensions
  • enable uipath web automation extensions
  • close browser - reopen browser and verify

UiPath chrome extension is enabled but uipath still throws an error asking me to install uipath extension for chrome .
Enabled , restarted and tried everything

Hi @Spoorthi_Chintala1,

You have another way to install in the Extension of chrome here…

Thank you

Done that too …not working

Hi ,
Did you get any message ?