UiPath cause for Outlook has exhausted all shared resources


Using Community, latest version, I get the following message when I try to use:

  • Get Outlook Messages and Send Outlook Messages

This issue appear when I have the Outlook client closed.
When the Outlook client is Open, i get “folder not found”

Anyone has an idea for a solution? this is causing delays for a project…

Thanks a lot!


Hi @wasea

Could you please check on the outlook setup and the folder you are looking to access as the base folder.

Also, it should work in both the scenarios when the outlook is open and when the outlook is in the background.

Hello @Abdul_Ahad,
From your post, not sure what exactly to check.

The folder exists, because it was working for few times, but after that it’s crashing at the Get Outlook email, with one of the messages from above. (folder not found or Outlook not having resources).
Only a server reboot resolve it, but for a short while.


Hello Folks, Any updates regarding this topic?
I have the same issue - " Outlook has exhausted all shared resources…" error message.


After searching a lot on web and trying out different solutions, I was finally able to fix this.
I had a 24*7 email monitoring bot where in this issue will come up a few hours of bot deployment.
A simple outlook setting change could fix this.
Here are my steps to fix this.

  1. Go to Account settings in outlook through File Tab on top left.
  2. Open Data Files Tab → Settings and advanced and then just uncheck the, use cached exchange mode option.
    You may find the screenshot depicting this settings change here.
    Please do share if this works for you too.