UiPath Error in Windows Event Application Log

Hi all,

I can see the following error in my Windows Event Application Log

SessionMonitor::RestoreSessionState:sessionmonitor.cpp@457: SessionMonitor::RestoreSessionState:457: error: 7022 [1b6e]

What is this?
This happened at the same time as the Robot was unable to fetch emails using the activity GetOutlookMailMessages (got the error “The specified folder does not exist”, however it managed to do this 6 times before in the same execution).


Is Outlook application online or offline ?

If possible can I have a view in the property panel of get outlook mail activity with a screenshot
Cheers @P_S

Hi @lakshman, The Outlook application is closed down on the machine.
However, I’m using it is used by UiPath in the background as it works to fetch emails some times.

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If its offline then it won’t work and it’s behaviour of this.

Alternatively you can use SMTP Send Mail Activity to send mails and all.

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I had a problem similar to yours and solved it with a sequence that checks if outlook is open or not. Because the application only ran with the application open
see if it’s useful to you
ListProcess.xaml (13,6,KB)

If the outlook is closed then we can directly use GET EXCHANGE MAIL ACTIVITY and configure outlook with that and that does require to check whether outlook is configured in our machine or not

Cheers @P_S

With offline, I assume you mean that the Outlook application is closed down?
However, I don’t understand that it works a few times and then all of the sudden stops working. It doesn’t seem consistent.

I will try the execution with Outlook open and see if it works better.

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