UiPath cannot communicate with the browser

Hi All
I was running by Bot and it was working fine.But suddenly it started giving error saying: " Cannot communicate with the Browser".
I un-installed and installed the extension again, but didn’t help.
Also, I tried installing and un-installing the studio as well, but nothing helped.

Kindly help as my work is stuck and UiPath Studio is not able to identify the extension.

UiPath Studio version: 2019.10.4

Hi @Heena_Saini,

could you share your workflow sample?

I cannot share the code, but one thing discovered, if I open new UiPath studio and created open browser activity, there it is working, but in my existing code, it doesn’t work.

Can you please suggest what should I do?

Add Attach browser container and check if at all you didnt added . It will help

Check the selector for browser activities once

@Heena_Saini ,

I suggested using firefox,
and if any activity click or type into please put that code inside open browser activity.
i hope it will help.