UiPath BETA feed unavailable?


I want to use CallOut Activity for a progress bar.

I have added the Beta feed to my package resources as instructed:

However i am unable to download UiPath.Form.Activities or UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities as instructed. The packages, (in fact not a single package) doesn’t show up.

Any ideas how to proceed?

Studio 2019.10.1 - 11/11/2019
Enterprise Edition
Windows Installer
License Provider: Orchestrator
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit
.NET Framework Version 4.7.2 or later

Thanks in advance,


These Packages under Official Package sources. Go to settings and check Official package source to add it and then search it.

Neither package has an update in official or beta sources and i still don’t have the callout activity available.


I guess Call Out activity get deprecated and may be because of that you are not able to find this activity in new Uipath version.

Then docs are not updated? Shame. :no_mouth:


Use Tooltip activity. It will be similar to Call Out activity.

Thanks for the suggestion but it has limited functionality as it’s scope is limited by time. Can’t create a progress bar with it. :upside_down_face:

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Its similar to Call Out activity.