[OUTDATED, no longer needed :)] How to add the UiPath Beta activity feed

Important UPDATE:

Since some time, the only distribution channel for activities is the Official feed. We will soon stop publishing any packages on what is now known as the beta feed.
From now on, the official feed will contain:

  • Official Enterprise supported activity packages
  • Packages in public preview
    (the -preview ones which are available when selecting pre-release checkbox)


To be able to download and use the beta activities, you will need to add this Beta activity feed in your Studio:

To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Manage Packages icon on the ribbon

  2. In the Manage Packages window, click on the Settings. The package sources are displayed.

  3. Click on the image alt text button to add a feed to the User defined package sources category.

  4. Fill in the name of the package source or the name of the NuGet feed.

  5. In the Source field, type the URL of the Beta NuGet feed: https://www.myget.org/F/uipath.

  6. Click on Add. The new feed is automatically added among the User defined package sources and in the All Packages category of the Package Manager. The feed is enabled by default.

  7. Click Save to apply all changes.

For more info, see this documentation article.


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Also, Click include Prerelease to get Beta Versions


Seems my company firewall is blocking the feed. Is there a way to download this package and install it manually? Please assist.


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my self we cannot add machine learnign extractor on the version 2019.8.0

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Same problem
Solution: workflow - UiPath.Form.Activities 1.7.1 | MyGet