Uipath automation in service desk

how to create a new incident in service desk and to attach an excel sheet within that. next is to create a new user in active directory after getting the user’s details from the previous step. These 2 steps need to be linked one after another through uipath automation. Please help me .

If your service desk application is a desktop /web application then choose compatible activities from activity panel.
What you explained just take each activity and draft as 1 step for one click and design steps.
after designing steps to achieve described activity then start creating work flow accordingly.

Hope my inputs are useful.

Yes thanks. @rkelchuri. Actually i am new to this so am getting issue in selecting activities as per my requirement and need to know how to create link between Service desk and active directory. And m doing this in remote desktop connection.

To Create Incident i am assuming the following steps because, i am not sure what exactly your application is going to take as mandatory inputs to create incident at your service desk.
Please find design steps as follows(my assumption):

  1. Click New (use click activity)
  2. Enter problem description as subject (use Set Text activity and pass a string variable with problem text as a string)
  3. Enter Description (use Set Text activity)
  4. Select Type of problem/issue from drop down (use select activity)
  5. Click Submit button.(use click activity)

all above steps, i assumed after login into your service desk application.

like this you can build rest. Happy UiPathing… :smile:

okay . I will check this one. Thank you …

No… Using UI is an option. but maybe let’s talk about a better way of integrating.
Instead of simple automation… How about a way to TRIGGER UiPath automation after submitting a ticket/request in service desk. (not using UI activities) .

For example :
User creates a ticket in app → Service desk will add an item to an orchestrator queue → the queue will trigger the automation automatically (adding user to Active Directory, Azure directory etc…)
How would you achieve this result without using UI ? there are no set activities for ServiceDesk integration as far as I know.

I am personally trying to use Microsoft teams integration in ServideDesk and then use Microsoft Power Automate to add a queue to orchestrator through custom API.

But would definitely appreciate a better way to do this if anyone here had this goal before .