UiPath ServiceNow Integration - List of sample processes

Hello everybody!
I am writing my bachelor thesis soon and I am looking for exemplary processes for ServiceNow automation. I found examples in several Youtube videos. For example creating, updating and deleting a ticket. But I am not aware of the added value of automation. A user could also create and delete a ticket manually using the ServiceNow user interface. Do you have any better examples of repetitive processes where automation is worth the time and money? Thanks for any help!

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One thing I could think of would be automatic ticket creation based on some other automation that monitors other services.

The strength of RPA is in the ability to create bridges in places that are hard to bridge otherwise.

Could you please explain the example a little bit? I’m not quite sure yet what a prototypical implementation could look like.

I have a specific question about UiPath integration with ServiceNow. ServiceNow offers its own process automation capabilities. Why should I implement automation with UiPath when I could use ServiceNow’s flow designer?

Thanks for your help!

Although I haven’t done any such integration myself, having a look at the available activities can give you some idea what could be done:

I don’t have experience with the ServiceNow’s flow designer, but typically these types of automation capabilities will be limited to the service itself.

As such, you would use UiPath when you have to implement integration with some legacy service that doesn’t offer any API access. You could then use UI Automation to extract the information and insert it in the ServiceNow ticket.
Another way would be the ability to fetch a bunch of data from different systems based on the initial ticket input in ServiceNow. In this scenario, you could use UiPath to query any number of systems around ServiceNow and update the ticket with such information, saving time simply collecting the data.

This is just conceptual, of course, but should give you an idea of what RPA allows you to do.

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