UiPath Attended Robot Access Control

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  • Is there a way to automatically start UiRobot and connect an attended/unattended robot on windows startup to the Orchestrator? I don’t want the end-user to change the Robot settings (Orchestrator URL, Machine Key).

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you can use orchestrator buddy @haider8645
by just creating a process in orchestrator for tat workflow and run the job whenever you want to run buddy

@Palaniyappan I do not mean to start “Jobs” but the Robot executable/service itself. I mean the Robot icon that appears in the tray and have it connect to Orchestrator URL with the Machine Key automatically.


The following does not apply for unattended robot because - unattended means nobody would be logging in or doing operations apart from the bot. So its a no go.

But, for an attended bot, it will always start if User events are enabled and it is monitoring it - also if the services are running you don’t need to worry about the robot starting in your machine.

And if you are worried about the end user changing the robot settings or moving the mouse of pressing keys you can check out the following link : https://activities.uipath.com/docs/block-user-input

Or if you want to restrict the user altogether during attended automation then separate credentials are required because the user whose actions you want to block should not have admin access, and without that access even the robot cannot run with his/her credentials.

Although I am not 100% sure about my last statement :slight_smile:

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@Raghavendraprasad Thank you for the answer but unfortunately your comment does not answer my question. My question is not about blocking someone during attended automation. My question is about connecting the Robot to the Orchestrator automatically when the user logins to the computer for the first time.

Well, the above statement of yours led me to believe that you were intending to block the user, but never mind.

I guess you are talking about automatic robot provisioning. I have not attempted it yet, so it seems like my input is limited to what I said in my last answer :slight_smile: