Switching between browser using AttachBrowser is taking too much time

hi, the task here is to
step 1. manipulate input excel
step 2. upload the manipulated excel and download the excel from browser A
step 3. upload the output of browser A excel as input to browser B and submit

  • repeat this operation for 3 times( 3 different excel ). The problem I face is when excel no. 1 is finished and it moves to process excel no 2 switching between browser takes time( going from browser B to browser A ). any solution?

In the attach window, instead of selector, please use the window variable.

  • Window - The window to attach to. This field accepts only Window variables.

When you open any window, in the properties save Output to a window variable and then use it in the attach window.

Karthik Byggari

@KarthikByggari are you suggesting me to use attach window instead of attach browser?

I’ve faced issues when I was actually using Attach Browser and passing the UiPath.Core.Browser object as argument, when iterating it it would get stuck sometimes for some unknown reason. Then every time I face such problem, I use the selectors in the Attach Browser activities, instead of using the Element (Browser).

If you are using the variables, give it a try using the static selectors instead.


Bruno Costa.