UiPath Assistant shows an orange symbol with message “Use interactive login”

Hi, Anybody please could you tell me why the UiPath Assistant shows an orange symbol with status connected, unlicensed with a message “Use interactive login”.


your assistant is connected by machine key?


yes, sure.

well, i think that its just a bug, however in it shows connected,unlicense it will work correctly, we had the same issue and still it shows in orange but it works. The only way to put it in green is using and interactive login, it means use the log in method in assitant

ok Fernando, thanks alot for the info.

fernando, any idea why the UiPath robot option not available in my laptop? How to install it?

Hi @mail4bobbysam ,

Could you try signing out and signing in and see if that resolves the issue?
If it doesn’t then you might want to check in Folders → Manage Machine → Runtimes and see if you have assigned any.


Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K