One or more errors ocurred (use interactive login)

How do I fix this error?


Are you able to connect with your Uipath assistant. please confirm. if not please logout the UiPath assistant and login back to solve the issue. thanks.

How do I connect with my assistant?


Search UiPath assistant your machine you will see the icon like below.


if you click that it will open the below screen.

just check and let me know are you able to see the green dot over there or share the screenshot of yours. thanks.

its red


Click the red button on or sign in button on the uipath assistant so that it will redirect you to cloud orchestrator page for asking you to enter your cloud uipath credentials once you successful login to cloud you would not see the error in your workflow. Thanks.


Have a view on this document for more ideas and cause of this

Cheers @Luis_Eduardo_Carvalho_Bar