UiPath Apps-Data Service Integration - Part 04 | Update or Delete Data Service Entity Records

Hello Community,

This is the last video of the UiPath Apps to Data Service Integration Series!

We continue with the Acme Survey App created in Part 03 and demonstrate how an existing Entity record could be updated or deleted directly from the UiPath App. We also revisit the Table Display control to understand how the App would identify a record selected by the user to be edited or deleted. Consequently, the video covers the UiPath App actions that are used to Update/Delete an Entity record from the underlying Data Service.

Here’s the jump track information on the Part 04 video:

  1. 00:38 - The Edit & Delete App Features
  2. 02:04 - Identify Records to Edit/Delete
  3. 05:16 - Deleting an Entity Record directly from the UiPath App
  4. 13:21 - Edit Entity Records in action
  5. 15:24 - Editing an Entity Record directly from the UiPath App

P.S. I plan to make more videos related to UiPath Apps, but they are a more generic in nature as opposed to the subject of focus of this video series.


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