UiPath Apps-Data Service Integration - Part 03 | Create & View Data Service Entity Records

Hello Community,

Here’s another video in the Apps to Data Service Integration Series!
We dive into the core concept of this series, and that is to work with Data Service Entities directly in UiPath Apps. Here, we create a new Entity from scratch in Data Service and pull it into a new UiPath sample App. In the process, we create a new Entity record in Data Service directly from the UiPath App. We also cover the Table Display control and bind it with the Entity integrated into the App. Finally, we learn how we can limit the data pulled into the UiPath App interface from the Data Service Entity.

The Part 03 video track covers the following topics:

  1. 00:23 - The UiPath App and the Demo Use Case
  2. 05:02 - Creating a new Entity in Data Service
  3. 07:59 - Integrating the Data Service Entity into the UiPath App
  4. 10:10 - Creating new Entity records in Data Service directly from the UiPath App
  5. 16:13 - View Entity records in UiPath App using Table Control
  6. 23:40 - Limiting Entity records using the Filter Entity Function
  7. 29:57 - Conclusion: Give due consideration when binding Entities to UiPath App controls