UiPath Apps-Data Service Integration - Part 05D | Update Data Service Records using Data Context

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In the last part of video 5 on UiPath Apps Data Context, we wrap up our discussion on the subject by learning how to update an existing record, followed by how to create a new record in the backend Data Service Entity. The feature to create new records does not use Data Context and therefore we look at some of the differences in how this feature works in comparison to the Data Context.

If you haven’t watched any of the previous videos or the preceding parts 5A, 5B & 5C, please check out this playlist.

The Part 5D video track covers the following:

  1. 00:00 - Continued from Part 5A,5B & 5C
  2. 00:15 - PROLOGUE
  3. 03:17 - The Data Context Update Operation
  4. 09:17 - Normal Insert Operation - NO Data Context
  5. 15:15 - EPILOGUE

The video description comes with links to download the Demo App and the related Entity definition.

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