Edit Data from Data Service through Apps or process


I created an app for automated contract management and use the cloud platform, especially data service and apps. In the backround process the robot reads contracts through document understanding and stores relevant metadata in data service. In de app itself i visualize this data in a data table (backround process that gets all entries from data service an writes it in a data table). So far so good.

The problem i am facing is, that the users of the app should be able to manipulate the data without having to switch to the data service. Is there any solution for this scenario? Maybe a robot that could visualize the data for the user with posibility to edit the data and store changes in data service? Or is there any possibility to edit the data direct in app?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Laila_Benelmir, you can use the Update Entity Record activity for Data Service to update an entity record via a process.

In your scenario - the user could manipulate the data retrieved from data service via the app you’ve built. On the basis of a trigger (e.g., clicking a button), you could then run a process that uses the data service activity mentioned above to update the record back in data service, so the user doesn’t have to leave the app

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+1 to what @Karan mentioned. Without seeing the exact app, it’s hard to give specific UX guidance but I can imagine having a “edit” button that launches a new page with a form style experience for editing the content. Once the user clicks “save” on the form, you can rerun the process to updated the UX with the latest data.

Hi @Karan and @justmarks
Thanks for your response. The Update Entity Record activity doesn’t give me the oppurtunity to visualize something for the user.
At the moment I have a button “edit data” that opens the URL from data service. But the user has to switch the tab (from fields to data) and can manipulate the data only there. I would like to implement a solution where the data shown in app (data table) could be edited directly in app.

What exactly do you mean with a new page with a form style experience? Maybe there are some functions i don’t know already in the uipath platform :slight_smile:

I think there’s some confusion here so let me clarify.

Here’s the proposed experience from my POV

  1. User opens a UiPath App which shows data (pulled via Data Service via a process) (Page #1)
  2. User clicks an “edit” button to edit the data (Page #1)
  3. Page #2 opens with an editable form populated with the same data from Page #1
  4. User edits the data and clicks “Save” on Page #2 - this calls a different process which in turn calls the Update Entity Record activity with the updated data
  5. Page #1 is shown again to the user and runs the same process as in step 1 to get the current data from data service

I suggest showing Page #2 as a popup using the Apps “Open Page” rule.

Does this help clarify?